Space. It’s pretty big. It’s probably the biggest thing you could ever think about. Staring through your Orion Telescope, alone in your backyard probably won’t find you any answers, but at least you’ll enjoy looking.

Celestial Map Pin
Roadside monuments dotted along Nevada State Route 715, dubbed the Extraterrestrial Highway, will pose the question of where exactly our place in the universe is. Finding somewhere in the nowhere can make everywhere lose meaning.

Dispensary Partnership
Near Death Valley, California - a popular destination amongst stargazers - we’ll bring amateur astronomers the best bud around to elevate any thought-provoking experiences they may already be having.

Far Out Features Podcast

Consoling Twitter Replies
Users tweeting statements of existential dread will be comforted in the comments by Orion’s team of experts.

Ad Space...In Space
The way we see it, advancements in modern capitalism will eventually light the upper atmosphere with bright red cola signs and billboards adorned with bikini’d perfume models. We figured we might as well buy the ad space for ourselves now before it becomes a commodity later - whenever that may be.

Copywriting: Weston Bliobenes

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