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No matter where your engine calls it quits, AAA Roadside Assistance will come to the rescue. Even in the middle of BF, Idaho.

Tweet a selfie with #SurpriseVacay and @AAAauto for a complimentary tow from your nightmare destination!

Breakdown Pop-Up
Take a break from your cross-country roadtrip to take in this unplanned pitstop, complete with service stations and the “World’s Cleanest Bathroom.”

On Hold?
We call that “surprise time off.” Enjoy your unplanned destination with a selection of automated entertainment.

Press 1 for beach sounds

Press 2 for peaceful forest sounds

Press 3 for guided meditation

Press 4 for How to Make Your Car Into a Tanning Bed: A Tutorial

Press 5 for roadtrip stories with exclusively happy endings

Press 6 to talk to a mom

Mimicking popular social travel guides, these naturalized Pinterest digital ads will catch people planning road trips to remind them of the potential stops they may not prepare for.

Copy: Henry Youtt
CD: Ryan Romero